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Volleyball Camp Fun: Steel City Pops

At Jill Kramer Volleyball Camps you do not only work hard on improving your volleyball skills. You also do fun things. After all, you cannot be your best without the proper recovery and fun. 

Steel City Pops

During our camps Steel City Pops comes by to serve you a popsicle. If you’ve never heard of Steel City, they don’t just serve any kind of popsicle. Steel City Pops are “gourmet popsicles made from the freshest, all-natural or certified-organic ingredients”. Yum!

For more information, and to checkout all the awesome flavors, visit Steel City Pops. And the popsicles are of course included in the price of admission. Like every other fun thing we do at Jill Kramer Volleyball Camps.

Note: Steel City Pops are handed out only at our overnight camps.

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