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Volleyball Camp Fun: Music by DJ EJ

“Without music, volleyball* would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

TCU volleyball practice is everything but boring. With each session one of the girls or coaches gets to bring and play their playlist. The latest tunes always fill the Rickel. Volleyball is hard work but should ALWAYS be FUN. ?

And .., if you’ve ever been to a TCU volleyball match you’ve noticed a DJ playing team and fan favorites. Every match combines great volleyball and awesome dance moves by the audience. A volleyball match at TCU is a huge party.

During Kramer’s Volleyball Camps @ TCU we play music also. We always have a playlist put together by the TCU girls pumping through our speakers. And there’s more. During every overnight camp we have a professional DJ. During the last day, during tournament play, DJ EJ plays his set.

You can read more about DJ EJ –  HERE.

* Nietzsche, a famous philosopher, actually used the word “life” instead of volleyball. But he could have made it volleyball? Maybe?
Volleyball Camp Fun

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