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Jill’s Favorite Things: Humane Society of North Texas

First Visit

I still remember the first time we took our team to the HSNT shelter in October of 2017.  Each one of our players became attached to at least one dog while we were there.  I decided to walk the oldest dog, Jack, an 8 year old collie/heeler mix.  Jack was playful and loved his time outside with us. Our team fell in love with a chocolate lab named Duke.  My busy schedule would be hard to manage while caring for him, so I did not adopt him.  Most dogs at the shelter were listed as 'owner surrendered' with 'lack of time'  being the reason.  I didn't want that to be me.

Jack and Duke

I went back to the shelter as often as I could fit in my schedule for the coming weeks to help walk the dogs. Among those dogs were Jack and Duke.  Each day my hope was that I would show up and they would not be there. I wanted them to find their forever home. Within a matter of a couple of weeks, both of them did!

October 2017 - Handsome Jack
November 2017 - Duke

Leeloo and Boris

My normal routine for the next eight months when going to the shelter was: walk the small dogs/puppies and help clean their crates, then move on to do the same with the large dogs. One day in May of 2018 there were a lot of volunteers helping out, so the HSNT staff directed me to a different area of the shelter.  I learned that the HSNT also had cats - A LOT OF THEM!  Although I have never been a cat person, I began cleaning the crates for the kittens. I immediately fell in love with them and we decided to adopt littermates, Leeloo and Boris.  We also thought that cats would be easier to take care of than dogs, which has proven to be true.  They have been such a great addition to our home!

Marble (AKA Leeloo) and Tika (AKA Boris) - May 2018 - This is the 1st day we met.
Leeloo & Boris snuggling
Leeloo & Boris sharing a bed

We can all help!

Shelters across the country need our help taking care of the animals. They are doing their best to save them in the hopes of finding them a home.  If you can help walk or bathe a dog, and/or clean an animal's crate, it can help them to be happy and healthy in a stressful shelter environment.  This can result in him/her being adopted because, after all, most people will choose a happy and healthy pet over one that is not.  If you do not have the time to help, HSNT is always in need of donations, from monetary help to blankets, food, towels, and chew toys.

Sissy, Sassy & Biggy were still at HSNT when I left today.  They do not all show up on HSNT website, but there are plenty of others that do!  CLICK HERE to learn more about adopting/fostering if you are willing and able!

Coach Jill's Favorite Things

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