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Jill’s Favorite Things: Fresh Flowers

We can always use some color in our life! I keep fresh flowers in my home and office. Sometimes I put them in our locker room, as well! It’s important to keep your flowers fresh, so I would suggest changing them out every week or two (some flowers last longer than others, but you must feed and water them accordingly).

I can spend quite a bit of time exploring the bushels of flowers in a market. I find it difficult to decide which ones to buy because they are all so beautiful. The picture above are tulips in the Grote Markt (Large Market) in Groningen, The Netherlands. The bushel of mixed-color tulips are my favorite! Take a look at all of the flowers to choose from!

Due to their wide and ever-changing variety, I usually buy my flowers at Central Market.

There has been a lot of research done on the effect that flowers have on us emotionally. I have chosen a simple article to share with you about the “power of flowers” HERE

Coach Jill's Favorite Things

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