Frequently Asked Questions

* All grade levels refer to the athlete's incoming 2018-19 grade.


How do I register for camps?

Go to the camps listing / registration page. There are menus at the top left for any camp types open or simply click the "Register for Camps" button in the middle of the home screen. You will then see photos of all camps currently open for registration. You can click on each photo to get more info about the camp and from there, click the "Add to Cart" or "Register for Camp" button. Once you've added all the camps you want to attend, go to the cart icon to the left of the TCU logo on the home page and follow the checkout process.

All spots are filled on a first come first served basis by date we receive your payment. Spots will only be reserved once your complete payment is received - unless that specific camp allows a deposit option. Please note that waiver and insurance info must be provided prior to your athlete participating in camp.

What is the age range for each camp?

For all summer camps, all grades refer to the athlete's incoming 2018-19 grade level. Each camp clearly states the grade levels that camp is for on the camp logo on the registration page and also on the detailed info page for that camp.

Who can register for camps?

Camps are open to everyone. Some camps are limited by age, grade level and/or gender, and all camps are limited to a maximum number of campers. Spots are filled first come first served based on date we receive your payment.

When is the deadline to register?

All camps have a limited number of spots based on the number of courts and/or dorms we have reserved for that camp. All spots are filled on a first come first served basis by the date your registration is complete. The only registration deadlines are for overnight camps. Because we must turn in the exact number of rooms we are using one week before the camp, we have clearly stated deadlines that are usually 7-10 days before the camp begins for residential overnight camps. All other registrations will stay open until all spots are full. If spots are still open on the day of camp, walk up registration will be available. There is also an early registration discount available for all camps, which will be clearly stated with each camp's information.

How soon should I receive confirmation of my registration?

When you fill out the online registration form and pay online, you will receive confirmation via email immediately.

Is there a way to get on the wait list for a full camp?

Please email to express your interest in being placed on the wait list. Online registration closes when the camp fills.

Where can I get a copy of the required waivers and forms needed to complete registration?

Waivers and forms can be found on the waivers & forms page.

What happens if an athlete does not turn in the required forms and waivers?

Athletes must have all required forms submitted prior to or at check-in in order to be allowed to participate in camp activities. 

What is your refund policy?

View the Refund policy page.

Do you offer any camp discounts?

Any available camp discounts will be listed on the camp discounts page.



What is the difference between the residential and commuter options for a camp?

Some of our camps have the choice to select either residential or the commuter option. 

Residential campers will have on campus housing and meals provided during the camp.

Commuter campers will have some meals provided but will be responsible for their own housing and transportation to/from each day of the camp.

We also have many other camp and clinic types. Make sure to read the camp description to see what is included. For many of our shorter clinics and/or day camps, athletes will need to bring their own meals and snacks.

Who are the coaches for the Jill Kramer Volleyball Camps at TCU?

Our camps are led by TCU Volleyball and TCU Beach Volleyball coaching staffs. We will also hire great people that are current or former high school, college and/or club coaches and players to make our camps the best experience possible. Read more about the TCU Volleyball and TCU Sand Volleyball coaches!

How do I know the schedule of my child's camp?

For multiple day camps, we will e-mail schedules as part of our pre-camp manual prior to the camp's start date. These are usually e-mailed out about a week prior to the camp date.


Can parents watch the training sessions?

Yes, all training sessions are open to observe for parents and families of the athletes. If you are looking for one session to watch, our final sessions are often filled with the most competitive playing opportunities.


My child is attending an overnight camp and staying in the dorms. What should she bring?

  • Linens - Linens and pillows are not provided by the dorm.

  • Pillow

  • Toiletries - soap, hair care, tooth brush, toothpaste

  • 1-2 towels for showering

  • Athletic wear

  • Alarm clock

  • Snacks

  • Water Bottle

  • Spending $$ to buy snacks or cool TCU Volleyball gear

Who provides supervision while my child stays in the dorms?

Camp coaches and staff will also be staying in the dorms. Campers will receive room #s and phone #s of camp staff. 

What happens if an athletes loses their room key?

The cost of lost keys is $75. At checkout, athletes must turn in their key or pay the $75 lost key fee. This is the charge that housing charges the camp for lost keys. If a key is lost during camp, athlete should contact their court coach or lead camp staff.

Can I request my roommate?

Yes, you may e-mail your roommate preference to We will make every attempt to honor all roommate preferences, but it is not always possible due to numbers of athletes and rooms available. The best chance to have a roommate preference honored is for both campers to each send an email requesting the other as a roommate. Make sure you and your roommate register early. All camps have a limited # of spots and are first come first served. Please send in roommate requests at least a week and a half prior to the start of camp

Can I request more than one roommate? What are the room types?

We are assigned different dorms for different camps, based on the size of the camp and availability of dorms during our camp dates. We can not control the dorm assigned and therefore do not know exact room types until closer to the camp date. You can send us a request for more than one roommate but know the vast majority of rooms we use will be 2 person rooms. We occasionally are in dorms with suites (2 rooms connected by a bathroom) and thus will consider your requests for suitemates whenever that is an option for us.

Can parents visit their child in the dorm?

Parents may visit their child outside of the dorm only. At no time other than check in and check out will anyone be allowed into the dorms that is not a registered camp athlete or staff member. This is a security precaution for all that attend the camp. No one other than the campers assigned to a room may be in the room at any time. 


Where can I park on campus?

This is a link to all visitor parking lots on TCU campus. Please make sure you follow all parking signs and only park in clearly marked visitor spots and/or visitor lots.